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Our experienced air conditioning specialists are available to offer our customers both air conditioning cleaning and air conditioning maintenance services, along with original spare parts and the best professional equipment in the market.

We guarantee a competitive AC maintenance service cost, with no surprise charges when you are ready to pay for the job done. So, if you are looking for a reliable ac service in Chicago, contact Hot Cold Air right away!


What's Included in Air Conditioning Maintenance?

AC maintenance services include inspection and evaluation of the system as it stands. Residential AC maintenance services are essential to avoid a skyrocketing utility bill and a system that doesn't deliver the desired result. Usually, some cleaning is required, and some parts might need replacing due to normal wear and tear.

Air conditioning maintenance typically includes a thorough inspection of the system, cleaning the condenser coils, checking and replacing the air filter, checking and replacing the fan belt, checking and lubricating the fan motor, checking and replacing the thermostat, and checking and replacing the refrigerant levels. Additionally, technicians may check the ductwork for any leaks, check the condensate drain, and check the electrical connections.

In some cases, air conditioning maintenance may also include cleaning the evaporator coils, checking the compressor, checking the blower motor, and checking the condensate pump.

How often should an AC be serviced? 

It is recommended to service your air conditioner at least once a year. This will ensure that it is in proper working condition and running efficiently. An AC service should include air conditioning cleaning, as well as checking all the components for damage or wear and tear. 

Air conditioning maintenance services help catch minor issues before they become major repairs, so it's important to check your AC regularly. The cost of AC maintenance service will vary depending on the service you need. To get the best deal, contact Hot cold air and look no further for Ac service near me. 

Why Choose Hot Cold Air For AC Maintenance?

When typing in ‘AC maintenance services near me’ on their preferred search engine, the user will encounter a myriad of results, but not all air conditioning companies were created equal. Luckily for those searching for air conditioning maintenance Arlington Heights, Hot Cold Air offers unrivalled professional service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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