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Heating and air conditioning units can save businesses hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in utility bills each year. To operate best, the HVAC units must be efficient and delivers their mandate with minimal electrical input. Another factor that makes commercial HVAC systems convenient today is that some companies, like Hot Cold Air, can replace the whole system (including heating, air conditionering, and humidifier) at once.

For commercial property owners who have searched online for ‘commercial HVAC services near me,’ you can rest assured that when it comes to commercial HVAC, owners and managers of businesses in Chicago suburbs (including Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Rosemont, and many others within a 30-mile radius) can refer their HVAC needs to Hot Cold Air. We offer all the HVAC services that you may possibly need.

Our success at Hot-Cold-Air results from the customized service we give to our clients needing commercial HVAC services in Chicago. To give our clients the best service, we deliver high-quality work while interacting directly with them. Our service makes every effort to have your HVAC system running at peak efficiency again. Your HVAC system will work effectively with minimal unexpected costs if you do routine maintenance. Our professionals are always ready to meet the HVAC requirements of Chicago business owners as well as Chicago suburbs.

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Explore our diverse range of additional services, offering solutions to meet all your HVAC needs.

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Commercial AC And Heating Services in Chicago

 Having a new HVAC installation job done doesn’t come cheap, so you should be sure that the company doing it for you will do an outstanding job. While some companies, similarly to us, may offer low prices, many of them don’t work with the best equipment from approved and reputable suppliers and manufacturers. At Hot Cold Air, we pride ourselves on doing quality work that will last for years. We work only with top brands, like Bryant. 

Rooftop unit installation might sound complex, but it is a relatively routine job in the hands of qualified professionals. However, this is one area where a lot can go wrong. When installing a rooftop unit, Arlington Heights and other Chicago suburbs have many businesses offering this service, but few can match our competitive prices and outstanding workmanship.

We provide a wide range of HVAC services in Chicago, no matter what your property needs, how big or small it is, or what industry you're in, including:

  • New HVAC complete system Installation
  • Installation of new A/C Unit
  • Installation of new furnaces/heating system
  • Rooftop Unit Installation
  • Installation of water boilers
  • Repair works on all HVAC units
  • Maintenance of all HVAC units.

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We provide comprehensive heating and cooling services to homes and businesses in Chicago suburbs, ensuring optimal comfort and efficient climate control solutions.


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Explore our diverse range of additional services, offering solutions to meet all your HVAC needs.

Why Regular Service Matters 

Even the most outstanding HVAC systems can begin to deteriorate over time or from extended use without regular maintenance. Regular maintenance, however, will ensure that all significant parts of your HVAC system last as long as possible under the care of a professional. Below are the reasons why you should service your HVAC system regularly:

Cutting energy costs: The ability to reduce energy costs is one of the key justifications for businesses to plan regular HVAC maintenance. Heating systems with high energy efficiency may provide an annual fuel utilization efficiency. Regular HVAC maintenance can guarantee the system is operating efficiently as possible.

Increasing the System's Lifetime:  Even high-quality HVAC equipment can become worn out or break down from heavy use or advancing age, but regular maintenance prolongs the lifespan of all significant system parts.

Improve the air quality:  Investing in professional HVAC services and installation of new units guarantees the highest air quality possible within the facility. The effectiveness of air filtration in heating and cooling systems can be ensured with frequent cleaning and inspections. Everyone in the facility will feel better and more comfortable when the indoor air is highly ventilated.

The rooftop unit of your HVAC system is exposed to the elements and may become damaged. If you are proactive and don't leave the damage to get worse, all you'll need is a rooftop unit repair, which our expert teams can perform, after they've run a thorough diagnostic test to determine which parts need replacement.

Rooftop unit services should be scheduled annually to ensure the HVAC system works. They act as a damage preventer, as our technicians can spot potential problems before they lead to breakdowns. So, you don’t need to go online and search ‘rooftop unit services near me’ again because Hot Cold Air will always be there for you.