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One of the reasons that a ventilation system can become compromised is blocked air ducts. As the air flows in and out, dirt, dust, and grease particles may be trapped in the ducts.

This buildup will eventually block the ducts, which is why regular air duct cleaning is essential if you want your system to work optimally. Not only that, but this particle buildup can also be hazardous to the health of those inside the building, as it may be toxic or flammable. Instead of waiting until there is a problem, you can do preventative maintenance by having Hot Cold Air do regular air duct cleaning at your property.

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality In Chicago

Looking for “air duct cleaning near me” will provide you with many companies to choose from. How will you know that the one you choose is reliable and will get the job done properly? When it comes to air duct cleaning, Chicago property owners needn’t worry about it. Hot Cold Air is a reputable, trustworthy company that ensures your air ducts are clean and working as they should.

The Indoor air quality within a home significantly impacts its residents' comfort and health. People are far more vulnerable to allergies and lung conditions when the quality is poor.

Hot Cold Air specializes in the examination and testing of indoor air quality. We give the best options for our customers as a reliable indoor air quality testing and improvement service provider. Our skilled and knowledgeable professionals use cutting-edge equipment to test air quality precisely.

We provide a wide range of Indoor air quality services in Chicago and its suburbs, no matter what your home needs, how big or small it is, or what industry you're in, including:

Benefits Of UV Light Inductor For Indoor Air Quality

Using a UV-light induct system, we destroy any bacteria or viruses lurking in the ducts. This cleaning method deactivates their DNA, rendering them unable to harm you.

Another common problem ventilation systems present is the drying out of the air in the building. The best response is humidifier installation, another one of Hot Cold Air's services.

The air dryers in your ventilation system are also susceptible to the buildup of particles, and the vents become blocked over time. Let Hot Cold Air clean your dryer vent to ensure you and those around you are safe.” 

  • UV Lights Help Deactivate Allergens during AC/Heating: Your heating and cooling system's UV light air filtration systems assist in disarming a variety of allergens, such as dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and more. You'll have less allergy-related discomfort and easier breathing.
  • Enhances the Quality of Indoor Air: UV radiation effectively destroys pollutants that could otherwise flourish in your HVAC system due to its powerful sterilizing capabilities. The light from UV wavelengths prevents smells, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from entering your home's air by destroying their DNA and RNA structures.
  • Improvement in Energy Efficiency: An overworked AC increases energy expenditures and puts stress on the system's parts, reducing the system's lifespan. By removing airflow obstructions, installing a UV light improves energy efficiency and guarantees the continued good health of your HVAC system. Your home's overall energy consumption can be decreased by adding a UV device to your current HVAC system, which saves the cost of your energy bill.

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Are you looking for an experienced and inexpensive company to help you with humidifier installation Chicago locals know, Hot Cold Air is always there to assist you. Our professional service includes a free estimate before we schedule the installation. Don't search online for 'humidifier installation near me' if you're in Arlington Heights or another Chicago suburb. All you need to remember is our name: Hot Cold Air.


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